Designer kitchens

Organised by a chef

The Abimis kitchen organises space. It simplifies, rationalises and optimises.
Also using Gastronorm containers. Designed for professional chefs.
Now also dedicated to anyone who enjoys the art of cooking.

Praise to reason

Sometimes it’s hard to be a tomato. They cook you and stew you for holidays and every other day, they chop you and squeeze you into a pulp, or even stuff you with all sorts. And yet there is something special in store for us when we enteran Abimis kitchen. Namely Gastronorm, the professional container system where everything is modular, rational and logical. Always ready to be integrated. Thanks to Abimis which designs its kitchens in order to use such containers, our lives as tomatoes have changed, because they put us neatly and conveniently into a container where we stay almost until it’s time for us to be served at the table.

Gastronorm refrigerated containers

Simplification guaranteed by Gastronorm makes for improved and optimised time frames and helps the kitchen run like clockwork

Gastronorm starts with a basic measurement unit. From this unit, by dividing and multiplying, a world of modular containers of various sizes is created, in stainless steel or polycarbonate. Gastronorm containers can be introduced and integrated into compartments, sinks, refrigerators and ovens, to rationalise kitchen spaces and simplify food preparation tasks. Optimising time frames for preservation, preparation and cooking.

Designer kitchens, Gastronorm food container dimensions, Abimis

Logical chillness.

It is a known fact that tomatoes thrive on heat. But in Abimis kitchens we are also quite happy when the temperatures drop, like in a refrigerator or refrigerated drawer. That’s because of Gastronorm. I have good reason to say so. Yesterday, for instance, I was sitting quite content in my container next to a pepper ready to prepare some gazpacho. Well, I got from the sink to the worktop, and from the worktop to the exclusive refrigerated drawer without moving a muscle and always found the perfect fit wherever I went. All very convenient. All very rational. Thanks to Gastronorm containers. And to Abimis kitchens, which are designed for their use.

Refrigerated solutions for Abimis designer kitchens

In the kitchen, cold is the best ally of hygiene and cleanliness; all certified by Abimis experience.

Abimis has brought to its stainless steel designer kitchens all of Prisma’s experience in furnishing kitchens for the professional catering industry. Also when it comes to cold. For this reason, alongside refrigerators, it offers totally exclusive solutions such as refrigerated drawers to preserve food at low temperatures or refrigerated organic waste bins to eliminate unpleasant odours. Both with sophisticated, yet super-silent internal compressors.

Gastronorm-friendly modular kitchens, Abimis Gastronorm refrigerated containers, Abimis
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